A Call For God’s People To Be Watchmen

A Call For God's People To Be Watchmen

In Revelation 3, Jesus speaks to the church in Sardis, exhorting them to be watchful and strengthen the things that remain. You see, they were not protecting, guarding or valuing the things of the Spirit in the way that they should.

In this brief but powerful excerpt from his Revelation Series, Dr. Mikel Cary explains that the great call here is for spiritual reformation – a call to wake up. This awakening has to begin in the heart as the Spirit of God is crying out for watchmen, looking for those who will hold fast to the truth and refuse to allow spiritual carelessness and lack attitudes to leave the walls of the city unguarded. 


This series is excellent and will serve to strengthen your walk. To view the full video that this clip is from or watch the entire study, subscribe to Dr. Cary’s YouTube channel 
Discerning the Times with Dr. Mikel Cary (@prophetictimes) or visit his site at www.prophetic-times.org.

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Jay Dyer

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