Geomagnetic Extinction

Geomagnetic Extinction
If concern over expanding technocracy and government totalitarianism has become wearisome, take comfort in the thought that it may not matter because we will likely be confronted in our lifetime with catastrophic events unfolding as the earth’s magnetic field reverses.

While that statement is tongue-in-cheek (sort of), I do want to discuss a topic that has fascinated me for a long time. You may recall back in 2012 the discussions around the Mayan calendar and supposed end of the earth. But, according to the Mayan view of time, 2012 did not represent the end of the earth but rather the end of that particular age. In other words, their view of time consists of long cycles or ages, and that is what was represented in their long count calendar.

To be sure, people have discussed and predicted the end of the world since, … well forever, I suppose. Eventually someone will correctly call it. But that’s not what I find interesting about the information that follows.

Remember what Jesus told his disciples just before his ascension? They were asking him if the time had come for him to free Israel and restore their kingdom. Here’s what Jesus said. “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.”

We are also reminded in Psalm 102:25-26,

Long ago you [God] laid the foundation of the earth and made the heavens with your hands. They will perish but you [God] remain forever; they will wear out like old clothing.

What’s interesting to me is not impending doom, but the fact that there seems to be a concurrence in the findings between these three: the Diehold Foundation (via their documented geological and astronomical cycles), The Suspicious0bservers, an independent research community that investigates solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather, and Randall Carlson, a student of what is known as Sacred Geometry. I also find it fascinating that ancient civilizations passed down knowledge from at least 6,000 years ago that proved incredibly accurate once modern technology was at a point to verify it.

Consider this timeline

The Sumerian civilization formed around 4000 BC and disappeared in 2000 BC. Ancient Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150 BC. Many believe that the pyramids were built between 2550 to 2490 BC, but based on limestone erosion of the Sphinx and the surrounding quarry used for the pyramids, some estimates place them around 7,000 – 10,000 years old or more. The Maya Preclassic Period began around 1800 BC and lasted until about 300 BC. The Vedas, India’s sacred texts, existed in oral form and were passed down from master to student for generations until they were committed to writing between 1500 – 500 BC.

The Sumerians created systems to predict seasonal shifts, to track celestial cycles and to interpret them as signs of divine communication. Is it significant or mere coincidence that these systems align with the cycles of other civilizations, though they are separated by time and geography? This article briefly examines three sources whose world views are quite different: secular materialism, Freemasonry and ancient alien theory. Does that fact mean that Christ followers need not pay attention to them? Or could this knowledge help inform our understanding of the cosmos?

Getting to the heart of it

The following summaries represent years of labor, so it’s impossible to adequately cover all aspects of their work. The objective is to survey their conclusions. And they each agree on a specific point, polar reversal, which is the basis for this article. It is not their only or even primary conclusion, of course. But it is one that has fascinated me for years as it represents extremely long time cycles.

I should point out that while I do not hold to the world view of these individuals, I think each perspective points to the majesty, incredible creativity and power of The Most High God, El-Elyon.

These are, of course, not the only people saying such things and drawing such conclusions. But I do think they are representative.

As you proceed, keep Isaiah 45:6-7 in mind:

That people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things.

A couple of years ago, I ran across the Diehold Foundation. It’s founder, Doug Vogt, is an interesting character. I have watched a dozen or so of his videos, some only in part, but have yet to finish the collection. There is a lot of information.

Mr. Vogt covers such weighty topics as solar flares, the coming ice age, and his contention that, “the Hebrew alphabet is the result of 22 views of a waveform that is a modified square wave.” Vogt is also convinced that the Hebrew alphabet is “the product of a very highly advanced previous civilization that had the same information theory of existence as the one [he is] developing, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality.” He believes that Moses wrote the Torah’s “surface stories” to encode a deeper meaning.

That belief can be off-putting to some and downright heresy to others. And as fanciful as that aspect sounds, I do find it interesting that his findings reveal an earth cycle that is the same (12,068 years) as that of other civilizations such as the Sumerians, Mayans and the ages described in the Vedas. If you are interested in exploring his theories, you can find his channel on YouTube. For example, here is the playlist concerning polar reversal.

But the two key things I want to highlight are

  1. Polar reversal cycle every 12,068 years
  2. His Theory of Multidimensional Reality which states that, “matter is not the dominant thing in our Universe, but rather information creates our matter world. It assumes that the universe is the product of information and the information forms the matter world we live in.” 1

The Suspicious0bservers, an online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather. According to their research, “the earth’s magnetic field is undergoing a well-known weakening and shift of the magnetic pole position. These shifts have been accelerating over the last century, with the polar motion increasing, and the rate of geomagnetic strength now decreasing at 5% per decade, as opposed to 5% per century for much of the 1900s (Dickerson 2014).” 2

The recent identification of another acceleration of the field over the pacific sector in 2017 (Finlay et al. 2020) has put the subject in firm focus as a major ongoing event on our planet. These events are fast-flips, rapid reversals, and these occur in a cycle of ~12,000 years. Gothenburg was ~12,000 to 13,000 years ago, and earth’s field is performing the excursion again- right on time.

“The world is watching, and the future may depend on how well we understand these changes and the challenges they present.”3Ben Davidson

Randall Carlson - Geodesy and Ancient Cultures

About a year ago I first watched Randall Carlson’s presentation titled “Hidden Sacred Numbers” by After Skool. This is one of the most interesting presentations I’ve run across in a long time. It can be a lot to take in at first. But as the concepts begin making more sense, it’s truly incredible to consider the evidence that multiple cultures in the ancient past, independent of the others, arrived at the same conclusions regarding time cycles, and the measurement of the earth.

Carlson says, “We see in several major cultures the same type of math. So what is the universal language? It’s symbolism. It’s number and symbolism and form. And number, symbolism and form are universal, regardless of the spoken tongue which one happens to have been brought up in.”

There are several sections to his presentation and each builds on the last, so it’s difficult to single out one topic without interfering with the totality of what he’s conveying. But for the purposes of this article, I want to draw attention to this. The ancients arrived at essentially the same polar reversal cycle (every 12,960 years) as The Diehold Foundation and The Suspicious0bservers research community. How Carlson unveils this information is captivating.

But I’d like to start by sharing a short clip (7:34) that actually occurs toward the end of the presentation. It plots existing geological evidence concerning catastrophic events over the last 150,000 years and overlays them with astrological cycles documented by ancient cultures. The results are interesting.


According to Carlson, “Geodesy is the determination of the size and the shape of the earth. Early in the 19th century such knowledge was acquired by extensive land surveying and triangulating over large tracts of the earth’s surface. Since the 1970s, orbital satellites have provided the most accurate picture of the earth’s exact size and mass distribution. Any advanced comprehension of the larger picture of our planet … requires knowledge of its size and shape.”

What is fascinating about this is the fact that as Carlson works through his presentation, he shows how these ancient civilizations understood these measurements, including the earth’s equatorial bulge, which is mind boggling.

For example, Carlson explains that, “The equatorial bulge is an integral component of the forces acting to impose rotation and orbital stability on earth as it wheels about the sun. The relevance of these two basic factors to the evolution of life cannot be underestimated. Ancient master builders understood earth’s fundamental geodetic parameters on a level not equaled until the advent of modern satellite surveys. How do we know that? Well probably the most salient means we have of knowing that is the great pyramid of Kheops itself.”

There are differences in distances between the parallels as you travel from the equator to the poles, due to the flattening of the earth. This is important because as he describes measurements of the Great Pyramid and his conclusions that it represents a scale model of the earth, he shows that they not only understood this, but created it with a precision representative of its exact location on the earth. So even though I jumped to the crux of the matter, the real interesting part is how we get there.

Summary of interesting numbers across cultures

Here is a summary of what Carlson explains. This is very simplified, so if you want the evidence behind it, you should watch his entire 2-hour presentation, or you can watch the edited down version, though I had to leave out some very interesting and important aspects. It goes something like this:

  1. Numbers and symbols are carriers of information
  2. We see examples in our day of these same numbers that were included in ancient texts
  3. Sumerian mythology includes 10 antediluvian kings and the years they ruled. The total of those years was 432k.
  4. The Vedas, which are India’s sacred texts, discuss the earth’s time cycles. The tabulation of the Vedic ages totals 432k.
  5. The Mayan world ages have the same numbers as the Sumerian and Vedic traditions but represent them in smaller cycles.
  6. These numbers happen to also be the radius of the Sun.
  7. The astrological time cycles, which was used by ancient cultures, centers around the axial rotation of the earth and is 25,920 years.
  8. Every 12,960 years, earth’s magnetic field reverses
  9. Somehow the ancients had advanced geodetic knowledge. This is evidenced in the mathematical design of the Great Pyramid. As it turns out, it is a 1:43,200 scale of the earth and represents 1 second of arc of the earth’s circumference.
  10. When you compare the measurements encoded in the Great Pyramid to modern geodetic data measured by satellite technology, it matches. The implications of this match are profound. It means that someone once upon a time was able to measure the size and shape of the earth with the same level of precision as we can today.
    Other examples of this type of measurement are the Parthenon in Greece, which is also 1 second of arc of earth’s circumference at that spot on the earth, as well as the great cathedrals of Europe.
  11. The next section addresses many Cabalistic aspects of biblical scriptures. While this topic has a certain intrigue, it is not within the scope of this article’s topic of a geomagnetic extinction event, so I only mention it as a point of summary.
  12. The presentation ends with the topic that is the focal point of this article. If you plot the main catastrophic events that geologists contend occurred in the last 150,000 years and overlay those against the astrological great year, it turns out that each of the catastrophic events occur during the times when, according to the astrological calendar, there is potential for great upheaval. 
Abbreviated version: ~1 hour

Carlson says, “We were designed according to the cosmic measure. We were created in the image of God. God is the ultimate cosmic measure.” While I disagree with some of his assertions, I am with him on this one. 

So you have the Diehold foundation, Suspicious0bservers and numerous ancient cultures, which all point to a polar reversal within the coming years. Add to that the incredible mystery around the accurate measuring of the earth and possibly the cycles of the solar system and it gets even more interesting. What are we to make of this? Even Randall Carlson, who does not hold to the biblical understanding of God, says at the end of his presentation that the universe has order.

My point is that when I explore some of these mysteries by people with different worldviews than my own, I am amazed how much these point to God. The Vedas, Sumerian texts, mathematics embedded in large, man made structures – it all points to God. Who gave this information to these people? Was it aliens? Maybe it was the Watchers, who had been commissioned to oversee these regions, but ultimately decided that they wanted to be worshiped as only El-Elyon, The Most High God deserves. Perhaps it’s all mere coincidence.

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