AIDS Origin (The Strecker Memorandum)

AIDS Origin (The Strecker Memorandum)
Given recent allegations that the Covid-19 vaccine is causing a rise in AIDS and the counter charges that these allegations are unfounded conspiracies, it may be worth revisiting the work of Dr. Robert Strecker.


Dr. Robert Strecker was America’s first well-credentialed AIDS-origin whistleblower opposing the accepted narrative at the time concerning the disease. According to his research conclusions, HIV/AIDS was a man-made disease first started when gay men were seeded with HIV during the hepatitis B vaccine experiments in Manhattan (1978-1981).

He is remembered as the first physician to bring to the attention of the public that AIDS originated in the U.S. – first as a direct “bio-attack” against gay men. And that AIDS is/was a man-made disease from the very beginning. 1

Like Andrew Wakefield years later, Dr. Strecker was smeared and defamed for his findings. And like any who dared question the origin story of Covid, until mounting evidence began to say otherwise, he was heavily attacked by media agents who seemed more interested in protecting government and industry culprits rather than shining a light on the truth, however painful it might be.

Strecker unearthed unfathomable biotechnology experiments from which he concluded that HIV/AIDS was sourced from bovine leukemia and sheep visna viruses recombined to create cancer triggers.

This video is from a 1991 interview with George Knapp’s “On The Record” program. Read his story here.

This information, even though decades old, seems more relevant now than ever, and should cause us to look into vaccine history more closely.

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