The Two Elephants They Want Us To Ignore

The Alliance for Natural Health International offers incredible resources for those seeking to take control of their health and well-being. This article, and associated brief video discusses why we need to switch from being pathogen-centric to terrain- and environment-centric.

When the Miasmic Theory (the idea that bad or corrupt air is the cause of illness and disease) was displaced by the Germ Theory in the 19th century, it gave the burgeoning pharmaceutical and vaccine industry an ability to build patented agents for individual pathogens. In terms of infectious diseases, this backdrop has contributed to holding our focus more on the pathogen than on the condition of the host that is susceptible to invasion. 1

Our health and resilience are modifiable according to many of the choices and behaviors we make during the course of our lives. These choices often benefit from guidance and support, and include things like:

  • The quality of the food we eat
  • The water and fluids we drink
  • The air we breathe
  • The microorganisms we culture within our bodies and especially in our gut
  • The chemicals or products we wash and clean with
  • The social relationships we elect to have in our communities
  • The way we move physically, rest and sleep
  • The way we use digital technologies
  • How we respond psychologically and emotionally to stress and the world around us

Regardless of what they try to do to us, these domains are still ours to control.2

This short video follows the history of thought on disease, and exposes the fundamental deceptions that have resulted in dangerous contemporary practices. It also gives you simple, easy tips for achieving great health while avoiding disease.


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Jay Dyer

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