Transhumanism and AI – The Ultimate Goal

Transhumanism and AI – The Ultimate Goal

“It’s really important to understand that the intention behind a lot of these developments is to create structures, to create technologies -to create a new techno-culture -that will ultimately replace the aspirations and the belief systems … that we’ve all known throughout the history of civilization.”

Transhumanism and its impact

“Transhumanism is a futuristic religion that exalts technology as the highest power. The movement’s goal is to merge man with machine. Their wildest prophecies seem ridiculous at first, until you consider the dizzying advances in bionics, robotics, neuroprosthetics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering.” 1

“A lot of what we call transhumanism or the idea of singularity is based in a paradigm that is probably best expressed by Max Tegmark who wrote the book Life 3.0.

“And in his conception, Life 1.0 is biological life. Then with the rise of human beings Life 2.0 is cultural life, where you have these different systems and processes that are so far beyond what evolutionary biological life could produce.

“But then you have Life 3.0, which is the height of cultural production, in which multiple technologies converge to create an artificial life – silicone life. But this notion that you have a new life is so important because everyone from Elon Musk to Eric Schmidt, and Ray Kurzweil – all of these people conceive of this new artificial life as being as valid and as real as biological life, and that its productions will be far superior to cultural life.

“So as genetic engineering, neurotechnology , bionics, robotics, and especially artificial intelligence progresses, what you see is the rise of a new life form that will either be a symbiotic partner with human beings – that’s one way that it’s predicted – or it will ultimately completely replace human beings. It will be our successor evolutionarily.

“So when you talk about the singularity you’re talking about the end of humankind and the beginning of a new life.”2Edited quote from the interview below

Joe Allen interview excerpts

Whether or not you’ve spent much time thinking about the future of AI and the transhumanists’ agenda, this 10 min excerpt from an interview with AI & Transhumanism researcher Joe Allen offers important perspectives on a topic that is only going to grow in importance in the coming years.

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