Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati

The following is a brief overview of the secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati.1Worldwide Evil and Misery,” by Robin de Ruiter, p28-34 This organization was officially founded in 1530 in Spain. Their goals are based on the famous Constantinople Letter of December 22, 14892On 1489 January 13, Jewish Rabbi Chemor of Arles in the French Provence wrote to the Grand Sandhedrin (the Jewish high court, which then had its seat at Constantinople) for advice, as the non-Jewish people of Arles were threatening the Jewish synagogues. This Rabbi wanted to know what to do, on behalf of all the Jews in Arles. On 1489 December 22, the Grand Sandhedrin answered with the following advice, which became known as the “Constantinople Letter”.
, in which plans were made to conquer the leadership of the world.

In 1773 the plans stipulated in the Constantinople Letter were restored, modernized and developed further in consultation with the founder of the bank company Rothschild. During a secret gathering, to which several members of the most influential families were invited, Mayer Amschel Rothschild commented, “If we combine forces, we can rule the world.

The eventual goal was to create a World Dictatorship with One World Leader at the top. The letter and meeting provided a structural plan of how to control all aspects of humanity by withholding of information and restriction of freedom.

Manipulating the media and censoring the truth would allow for the puppeteering of the world. Mankind would be a mere toy controlled by a few powerful families that dominate the ultimate economic, financial and political world stage.

The ultimate goal was to reduce human interest to a point where they would agree to anything, therefore setting up the stage for a One-World Leader. Nobody would care, and the few remaining opponents could easily be eliminated.

The influential families put the elaboration and implementation of the plans based on the Constantinople Letterin the hands of Adam Weishaupt, a professor in canon law. Weishaupt not only controlled the Freemason Lodges in Munich, he also was an important member of the Grand Lodge (Grand Orient) in Paris.

On May 1, 1776 at the age of twenty-eight, Weishaupt founded a secret society that he named the “Order of Perfectibilists” at the University of Ingolstadt (Bavaria). The name of the organization he changed, shortly after its founding, to the “Order of Illuminati”. Weishaupt built a complicated hierarchy of secret degrees. The members of the Order of Illuminati were marshaled into several “classes” or “degrees”, that in rising rank were classified roughly as follows:

1) Novices: lesser Illuminati or initiates
2) Freemason: ordinary, Scottish and Scottish Knights
3) The Mystery Classes: including two grades of Priests, Regents, Potentates,
Grand Potentates, Magnus and King.

Only the Mystery Classes are admitted to knowledge of the criminal purposes of the Order of Illuminati. Not only did thousands of leading Europeans enter the Order, the smartest heads in economy, politics and culture also joined the Order.

The Illuminati were filled with literati who realized the material advantages of its support. In its ranks were to be found the “Encyclopedists”, Voltaire and Rousseau, who, as we will see, played a large role in the preliminary propaganda that prepared the way for the French Revolution that was engineered by the Order.

In Germany its ranks were joined by Goethe, Engel and Karl Marx. Marx’s Communist Manifesto that publicized the administrative aspects of the Illuminati conspiracy was directly plagiarized from Weishaupt’s teachings and writings.

Weishaupt did not shun corruption and blackmail to maintain control over people. He knew well the effectiveness of espionage, torture, terrorism and savagery as devices for enforcing the subjugation and discipline of mankind. For that purpose Weishaupt established, within his order, a Gestapo-type terrorist and murderous espionage agency, which he called “Insinuating Brothers”.

The purpose of this agency was to ensure that there would be no leak in the secrets of the conspirators by making threats of torture and vindictive persecution, and to aid in the subjection of the citizenry. Since then, every totalitarian movement that has carried on the conspiracy adopts this device of Professor Weishaupts.

It was Weishaupt’s goal to draw the power of all countries of the world to the Illuminati through a mass of insiders that operate in the shadows according to a meticulously set plan. Weishaupt dictated as the basic principle of his Order the maxim: “The end justifies the means.” He scorned all concepts of civilization, honesty, honor, decency, morality, ethics and humanity and cast them aside as the despised roots of the weakness that would betray mankind and its civilized adversaries into the hands of the conspirators.

Instead, he enshrined as “virtues” lying, deceit, shiftiness, dishonesty, brutality, ruthlessness and murder. In the true etymologic sense of the word, “virtue” is defined as a “source of power”. Weishaupt dictated that these “virtues” were to be inculcated into the young, rising generations through all the devices of education, entertainment and propaganda. He directed that wholesome parental discipline over them should be destroyed so as to make the children ready prey of his ghoulish crew.

The book Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe by Professor John Robison (1798) sums up Weishaupt’s Illuminist program, as follows: “In the lodges, death was declared eternal sleep; patriotism and loyalty were called narrow-minded prejudices incompatible with benevolence.

They meant to abolish laws which protected property accumulated by long-continued and successful industry; and to prevent future accumulations… they intended to root out all religion and ordinary morality… to break the bonds of domestic life by destroying veneration for marriage vows, and by taking the education of children out of the hands of parents.”

Thanks to the organizational skills of Baron Adolph Freiherr of Knigge and the help of several Freemasons that did not find the action they were hoping for within their lodge, Weishaupt’s Illuminati became the secret rulers of Bavaria and its surrounding states in less than five years.

Later the head office was brought over to Frankfurt. Soon the German political stage was infiltrated by figureheads of the Illuminati who immediately started to reform the state government. On the occasion of the gathering of all Freemason Lodges on July 16, 1782, an alliance between the Illuminati and Freemasonry was created in Wilhelmsbad (Germany).

Adam Weishaupt welcomed the powerful support of the Masonic Protestant princes and rulers of Germany and Europe. They brought with them control of the Masonic Order. But he realized that he must not permit them to suspect that, in furtherance of his internationalist goal of One World Dictatorship, the Order was dedicated to destroying them also.

Weishaupt craftily solved this problem by limiting the princes and rulers to the lower degrees and barring them from the knowledge of the true purposes of the Order, that were revealed, cautiously, only to those in the higher degrees.

When Jacob Lang, a member of the Illuminati, was hit by lightning during a trip on July 10, 1785, the police found part of secret Illuminati plans intended for the Grandmaster of the Grand Orient in Paris. These plans proved that the Illuminati favor the extermination of the Jewish-Christian philosophy, abolition of the power of all royal houses and monarchies, annihilation of all patriotism and loyalty to sovereignty, destruction of traditional family structures and marriage, a collective education for children by the state, and many more issues that can be found in our modem society.

It became clear that the conspirators strived for worldwide objectives when the ruler Charles Theodore of Bavaria ordered a round up in the house of Weishaupt’s assistant, the prominent lawyer Von Zwack, on October 11,1785.

A large number of protocols, documents and letters by Weishaupt, that were based on the Constantinople Letter, were found in his house, which showed that Von Zwack was a high member of an enormous conspiracy. A quote from one of Weishaupt’s letters to Von Zwack reads: “With this plan we will be able to rule all of mankind. In this way we will be able to put everything in motion and set things on fire with most simple means. Our satellites will have to be placed and instructed in such a way that we are able to secretly influence all political negotiations.”

The next year more information of a conspiracy was found in the houses of other Illuminati. Among this information were tables with secret codes and· symbols, secret calendars, geographical locations, badges, inaugural ceremonies, lists with the names of members and about a 130 official government seals that the Illuminati used to forge government documents. The Order was dissolved immediately.

Officially, the Illuminati have been extinct since 1785 after an existence of only nine years. However, the apparent fall of the Order was only a predetermined tactic of the conspirators. With this they tried to create the illusion that the Order of the Illuminati was a thing of the past. Weishaupt fled, but he continued his work underground. This is when the history of the Illuminati really started.

After the conspiracy had been revealed, the visible leaders of the Illuminati began operating in Italy, and took a different name: Carbonari (Carbonarismus). The Mother Lodge was called Alta Vendetta and was led by Carl Rothschild.

After 1785 the Illuminati order spread over the whole of Europe. In 1788 the Misralm Rite was founded in Venice. Followers of the Carbonari and Carl Rothschild were the most important members of the rite. The official Freemason Newspaper of Leipzig wrote on December 24, 1864: “All the Italian upheavals since the year 1790 until the most recent glorious events have been the work of the Illuminati alliance. After all, aren’t the Carbonari its sons?”

The Illuminati order not only spread over the whole of Europe, they also spread over the whole of America. Even before the separate states united themselves, the constitution was written and the Republic of the United States had been founded, fifteen lodges of the Illuminati had settled in the thirteen colonies.

The Columbia Lodge was founded in 1785 in New York. A year later the lodge in Virginia was founded. Thomas Jefferson, the composer of the Declaration of Independence, was also a member of this lodge. When the devilish plans for a new government ruled by Weishaupt were revealed in Bavaria, Jefferson defended him and called him an “enthusiastic friend of humanity.”

The foundation of the United States is closely connected with the Order of the Illuminati. George Washington, the first American president, belonged to the order and was, like many of his generals, a Freemason. The American Declaration of Independence was, under the guidance of Jefferson, drawn up and signed by almost all Freemasons.

One can say without exaggeration that, without the Illuminati, there would not have been a United States of America. Does this mean that the founding fathers of the United States were part of a big malicious conspiracy? No, absolutely not.

The secrecy within the lodges of the Freemasons and Illuminati was the perfect cover-up for their revolutionary activities. Only few or perhaps none of them knew about the plans of the Illuminati. Most of them thought that they only strived for independence from a tyrannical dominator.

As so many of today’s members of the Freemasons, they considered the lodge to be a brotherly organization, which was devoted to promoting social skills and, as a way to maintain friendships and brotherhood. The majority consisted of gullible Christians.

The Illuminati and Freemasons had changed their methods in America to appeal to as many people as possible. Adam Weishaupt described the adjustment of the philosophy as follows: “I have come up with a statement that has the advantage of appealing to all Christians; it frees them of their Christian prejudices, and it cultivates their social value. My means are effective and irresistible. Our secret society works. In a way no one can resist.

Which siren song was sung to mislead a number of the most intelligent and most idealistic men in a predominantly Christian America? Weishaupt’s exact words were: “Jesus of Nazareth, the Grandmaster of our Order, appeared at a time when the world was in great confusion, and he walked among people that had already been living under oppression for a long time. He taught them the lessons of reason.

To be more effective he used the support of religion, opinions that were common, and cunningly connected his secret doctrine with the religion of the people. He kept the valuable meaning and consequences of his doctrine hidden. In the end he revealed them to only a small number of followers.

This small group of “chosen ones” kept the doctrine in secret to pass it on to the Freemasons. This sly tactic made it possible to mislead an enormous part of the elite of the American Revolution, just like many Christian Freemasons are being misled today.

Freemasonry was considered the liberator of Christianity, and it promised freedom and happiness for mankind. But Professor John Robison, a Freemason expert contemporary of Weishaupt, was not fooled by this: “This so-called happiness of mankind is no more than an instrument that the regents (the leaders of the Illuminati) joked about among themselves.

It is interesting to note that the United States was the first country in which the “human rights” and “freedom of religion” that the Illuminati strived for were recorded in the constitution! With this we can conclude that from the beginning, the United States has been directed by the Illuminati and Freemasons, its puppeteers.

This centralized their power more and expanded it over all areas of American society. At that time the opposition had already become silent, and for that reason it is not surprising that, as we will see, the twentieth century especially has been disastrous for the American people.

The Illuminati use the United States as a springboard for their world leadership to subject other countries and to eliminate the remaining independent heads of state. Three years after Weishaupt’s death (1811) the previously mentioned Misralm Rite was also introduced in France. In 1815 the Mother Lodge Arc en Ciel was founded in Paris. In 1817 the Rite was prohibited in France.

Just like Weishaupt’s Illuminati order the Rite continued underground. The Misralm Rite grew rapidly in Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland. And in 1870 the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misralm was officially founded in England.

One of the highest governors of the Misralm Rite was Isaac Adolphe Cremieux (1796-1880), a thirty-three Degree member of the Scottish Rite and also member of the Grand College of Rites of France and founder of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. On December 31, 1870, a Supreme Council General of the ninety Degree was founded under leadership of Cremieux. In 1881 the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi became Grand Master of the Misralm Rite.

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