Why Cover These Topics?

So much has been written about the various control structures that it might seem a worthless exercise to write about such matters. Why add to the noise?

Fractured States Of America: Are We Headed For A Split?

Fractured States Of America: Are We Headed For A Split?

Talk about secession, de facto or by decree, has been a recurring topic over the years. After hearing Trump’s speech from March 3rd of this year, where he discussed Freedom Cities, two particular interviews came to mind – one of Martin Armstrong and the other of Forrest Maready. Here’s a brief clip from each.

My Chat With OpenAI's ChatGPT

My Chat with OpenAI’s ChatGpt

Openai’s ChatGPT is a chatbot based on the GPT-3 language model. It is designed to be able to engage in human-like conversations and handle a wide range of topics. I recently gave it a test drive and this was the interaction I had with it.

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Jay Dyer

  • Jay Dyer is an author, comedian and TV presenter known for his deep analysis of Hollywood, geopolitics, and culture. His graduate work focused on psychological warfare and film and he is the author of two books, Esoteric Hollywood 1 & 2 and the co-creator and co-host of the television show Hollywood Decoded. He has been featured on numerous popular shows and podcasts and in debates with some of the world’s top debaters.

    He can be found at https://jaysanalysis.com/